The new HS1677SS with an improved shell has optimized, even more if possible, the great advantages offered by the Pentaconn Ear connectors as well as a perfect tuning of the sound. Nailing the highest notes, bright, sparkling and clean with amazing accuracy: Manages to avoid unnatural high-pitched focusing on organic vocals. Delivers tons of detail while avoiding any distortion or compression. Rich, detailed, dynamic sound remains exacting and emotive for a transcendental listening experience.

Metal Structure

A case modelled taking your comfort in mind. Their ergonomic design adjusts perfectly to the ear. An interior design optimized to obtain a control of sound space and an airflow in the acoustic cavity to play a sound scenery never before experienced.


The construction in different metals is the best option to prevent resonance, as opposed to plastic materials. To be forged under pressure, mechanized by CNC and polished by hand, allows the structure to have a unique appearance and beauty, apart from its optimum quality.

Myrinx Driver

Greater numbers of drivers are no guarantee for a better sound. Having the best dynamic driver in the world, together with the rest of perfectly integrated components, we put an end to acoustic interferences between different drivers or elements.


Myrinx is an inalterable material with time, exclusive, used in the medical sector that, developed by Acoustune for its earphones achieves a sublime musical experience. The vibration of the membrane improves the frequency response in all its range with a fluid sound and full of sound nuances in any option in the settings.

Audio Cable

Through the QT wiring technology and a precise and multi braided OFC cables (free of oxygen) that is silver coated, the contact noise is reduced, it functions in an isolating and shock-absorbing manner against vibrations to preserve the purity of the sound and achieve a clear and precise resolution.

Audio Connectors

All the components in Acoustune are designed by the sound engineering company Nippon Dics, one of the foremost exponents in High-End professional industry in Japan. It has developed the recent and famed Pentaconn 4.4 mm balanced connectors.

Premium Accessories Include

9 Ear-tips sizes: AET02 (F), AET06 (S+/M+), AET07 (S/M/L), AET08 (S/M/L)

Luxury Aluminum Case

Earphone Carrying Case

Cable Clip & Tie


5th Generation brand new Myrinx driver: new membrane texture, new coil, new magnet and new tuning process rule, all for achieving immaculate dynamic sound.


Modular Metal Body: achieved modular design completely separated between acoustic chamber (driver inside) and mechanical housing (Pentaconn Ear connectors).


Complex Damper Rod: chamber fitted with more complex profile metal rod for less resonance.


Re-cable with Pentaconn Ear: ARC51 newly designed hybrid cables configured with silver-coated OFC wires and OFC wires in 8 cores, fitted with pure audio-engineered IEM connector Pentaconn Ear. Less conductor resistance, reduction of both noise at all frequency range and audio signal transmission loss in order to delivery clarity sound.

Made In japan: engineered and assembled in Japan.